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Telmar provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers. Over 25,000 users across 100 countries use Telmar systems to analyze thousands of consumer and media data sets to assess target markets, audience reach and frequency, and media performance. Data sets can be either syndicated data to which rightful access has been granted by the data supplier, or customers’ own proprietary data. Telmar provides data integration services which support fix fusion, ascription, and Telmar’s leading data integration technique: MultiBasing™. Telmar’s platform of systems are cloud based with applications available via desktop browsers and iOS mobile. API web services are available for access to Telmar analytic engines to support customer custom needs.

Telmar Timeline



Introduces Autografix – Advanced data visualization system for creating automatic and dynamic dashboards and PowerPoint presentations from Telmar Crosstabbing and Analytic systems with simplicity and speed.
Announces Keystone iPhone App and Apple Watch Add On as Companion Product to the Standard Telmar Software Service.
Telmar presented its Causality Analytics algorithm to the Digital Research Forum in London. Causality Analytics removes random behavior from traditional Correlation Analytics to produce Intrinsic Casual Probabilities.
Distributed a press release announcing Telmar’s RFT Analyzer℠, a first of its kind application that makes it possible for marketers to analyze reach and frequency across media channels using only time-spent surveys, extending reach and frequency capability to custom and emerging market situations which lack the data that traditional processes require.


Introduces SurveyTime™, all Web based, drag and drop crosstabbing system with mapping and Dashboards.
Introduces CenTab™, Telmar’s expanded crosstabable US Census respondent data set.
Introduces AD Giraffe™ First IPad/IPhone App for media planning followed by Pro Version update, Telmar Keystone™.
Introduces RadioMax for Pandora-the SaaS system for Pandora internet media planning.
Introduces StudyUploader – Easy and cost effective means to custom load proprietary survey data for use in Telmar tabulation systems.
Introduces Factor Analysis to it suite of insight tools.


eTelmar was created during the Millennium year to provide Telmar’s world renowned media planning software over the Internet using a web browser.
First Data Integration and MultiBasing patented alternative to Fusion.
Telmar adds Media Sales Revenue Management systems to product offerings.
Telmar wins Traffic Audit Bureau’s global competition for outdoor media measurement.
Introduces Telmar’s Research Guru™, a first-of-its-kind, Google-like data management and data analysis system.
Introduces Media Guru, first industry media research question and answer, web service.


First media planning software available via the Internet.
First outdoor and Internet planning tools made available via the Internet.
AMIC – the first advertising community website.


Selected to be IBM’s first Value Added Dealer in advertising for their new PC, offering a complete PC desktop suite of media planning software.
Established the industry precedent of 3rd Party Software Suppliers having the right to access syndicated data on behalf of clients subscribing to that data on PCs as well as via Timesharing.
Announces MediaQuote, the First online Electronic Media Exchange.


First to offer desktop computer software in addition to Timesharing.
First to offer “prototyping” for unmeasured media.
First to offer Data Simulation for survey updating.


First to offer media planning software as a computer service (SaaS) via Timesharing.
First all media optimization system offered as SaaS.