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Telmar provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, data suppliers and media sales houses. Since its founding in 1968, Telmar has helped shape the future of strategic media planning services.
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Data pioneers

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25,000 users across 100 countries use Telmar solutions to work with thousands of consumer and media measurement surveys for assessing target markets, audience reach, and media performance. The surveys can be either syndicated or customers’ own proprietary surveys.
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Telmar solutions are fast, flexible, and data neutral, allowing brands to connect to more than 8,000 data sets and integrate proprietary data. Armed with our solutions, you can review large data sets to find the most meaningful insights quickly – and instantly create professional presentations.
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Telmar provides data integration services which support fusion and ascription, as well as Telmar’s own data integration technique: MultiBasing.
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In addition to insights, statistical and media planning solutions, Telmar also offers strategic marketing consulting, educational and training workshops. No matter where they are in the world, Telmar clients can count on one of Telmar’s core values: Clients come first.
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Telmar’s solutions are cloud-based with applications available via desktop browsers and iOS mobile. API web services are available for access to Telmar analytic engines to support specific business objectives.
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Telmar offers clients around the world a wide variety of solutions

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Insights and Statistics Solutions
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Advanced data integration services
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Planning and optimization for multimedia reach and frequency
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Measurement, analysis, and optimization for Video, Audio, and OOH
Te About Us Icon Data Intergration
Data integration for a range of offline and online platforms
Te About Us Icon Aggregation And Management
Aggregation and management of media research and survey databases
Te About Us Icon Broadcast Inventory
Broadcast inventory optimization systems for broadcasters

Discover a suite of advanced solutions that position you to win

Telmar solutions are fast, flexible, and data neutral, allowing brands to connect to more than 8,000 data sets with the ability to integrate proprietary data. Armed with our solutions, you can review large data sets to find the most meaningful insights – and create professional presentations.
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Put industry-tested, advanced solutions to work for your brand

We embrace new technologies and continually evolve our solutions to adapt to the constantly changing media landscape. Our data independence, media neutrality, global capabilities, and renowned research techniques all enable Telmar to bring clients winning solutions first.

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Select from a comprehensive range of products and services

Software solutions include crosstab, planning and optimization, advanced segmentation, statistics, data integration, advanced media and marketing analytics.

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Enhance data through powerful, customized integration

For clients who have developed their own proprietary surveys, Telmar collaborates with them to maximize their research investments. We can integrate both syndicated and proprietary databases.

How Telmar became a trusted partner

For a small company, we’ve learned a lot over 50 years. Here are some of the milestones that have helped make our solutions trusted and relied-on, all around the world.
Dynamic marketer and entrepreneur Stanley P. Federman founded Telmar in New York City. The company is the first to introduce the timesharing system.
Telmar developed the first mathematical models to update syndicated research and integrate primary reader studies with total audience studies.
Telmar opened the first media school at their Head Office in New York and they released the first online media billing and payment system, called SpotTrack. London office opened.
Significant developments occurred from the first programmable calculator-based planning system to releasing microcomputer-based media planning and PC cross-tabbing systems.
Telmar became IBM’s first Value Added Dealer for the advertising industry. Johannesburg office opened.
Through the “Telmar Magna Carta,” the company challenges for, and wins the rights for third-party software suppliers to collect and process data from research suppliers.
Telmar releases the first integrated marketing system for PCs and Mac computers and later on becomes the first media company to develop a web presence through and
1990s was born and Hong Kong, Canada, and The Netherlands offices opened.
Telmar wins the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) global RFP for outdoor media measurement. The company also introduces Research Guru, a Google-like search, analysis, and reporting platform.
In 2004, Telmar acquired the Paris-based revenue management company PeakTime and Canadian based Harris Media Systems. Paris, Warsaw and Shanghai offices opened.
Telmar releases SurveyTime, an online based drag-and-drop crosstabing system as well as AutoGrafix, an advanced data visualization software solution.
Further development leads to SurveyUploader, which enables Telmar’s clients to load their own custom data into SurveyTime.
Holding company LiiV acquired Telmar, which it combined with its existing subsidiary, Splashlight.

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