Advertising Effectiveness

advertising effectiveness

Understanding Advertising Effectiveness

The Media professionals need to understand what’s working as well as what improvements can be made to a campaign to ensure that results are being delivered. Advertising effectiveness tools allow media professionals to create tactical campaigns and measure the reach and the understand the audience. Armed with a greater understanding of campaign performance, users can optimize their campaigns to meet client goals and expectations.

Planning More Effective Media Placements

Telmar has pioneered the “no waste” approach to transformational media planning, allowing professionals to plan placements on both traditional and digital platforms.  Media professionals can also plan on an addressable and non-addressable targeted audience basis, specifically using data integration, targeting, reach and frequency, effectiveness/engagement weighting, and ROI using the concept of  the audience as a medium unto itself. The most effective media plans today require a carefully selected combination of all media types, which is why media planners can utilize Telmar software to plan across TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor platforms, and digital media.

How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Telmar offers an array of tools to help media professionals make better decisions, including ROI solutions that enable companies to see the direct effect that changing advertising or media variables has on sales. Clients can get custom analytics tools to enable more dynamic marketing and planning. Media professionals can integrate internal and external marketing data, media databases, agency planning information, and general market indices for continuous measurement of effectiveness. Users can easily implement tactical planning with an ROI perspective, allocate units within a schedule across media with the ability to see the resulting weekly ROI, and compare historical plans and ROI to future planning scenarios.

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