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Uncover better data insights to power your clients’ campaigns

In a time where media consumption and consumer behavior is constantly evolving, it is more important than ever to connect to the insights that drive those changes.
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Te Solution Agencies Icon Increse Your Agencys Data
Scale insights across your agency by unifying and democratizing your data
Te Solution Agencies Icon Indentify Optimal Audience Segments
Identify optimal audience segments and match them to the right touch-points
Te Solution Agencies Icon Differentiate Your Agency And Improve
Differentiate your agency and improve campaign performance by identifying unique consumer attributes

Agency solutions

Improve campaign delivery by getting more from your data

While the complexity and volume of surveys can be overwhelming, with the right analysis tools, navigating the data can be simpler, faster and more efficient.
Te Solution Agencies Improve Campaign Delivery

Optimum Segmentation

Identify the optimal audience segments for every client and every campaign

Achieve a more comprehensive understanding of consumer triggers and attributes by analyzing audience demographics and psychographics.
Te Solution Agencies Indentify The Optimal Audience

Maximum Results

Achieve better ROI for your media campaigns

Differentiate your agency by effectively understanding your audience’s values and sentiments.
Te Solution Agencies Achieve Better Roi

Tap into more persuadable audiences

79% “79% of consumers in the UK are willing to switch to a new brand.”

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Maximize the return on your advertising investment

Increase your competitive advantage and create opportunities for brand growth with Telmar’s advanced statistical solutions.