Audience Targeting

Identifying and reaching your target markets has never been easier.

Identifying Your Audience

Traditionally, audience targeting has always been one headache after another – once you’ve established your target market, you then have to figure out how to reach them.  Telmar’s Audience Effects℠ software offers you the ability to pinpoint the most valuable audiences, allowing you the opportunity to glean greater insights and easily pick low-hanging fruit without months of deliberation.

audience targeting

Within Audience Effects℠, you’ll be able to mine available data, segregate the metrics that you deem useful, and immediately plot thousands of variables for a comprehensive statistical overview.  This program is capable of providing deep insights, introducing new variables and parallels, and producing recommended targets you may never even have considered.

Even established organizations who have derived long-term success from historically reliable target markets can benefit tremendously from this software.  By branching out beyond the plateau, you’ll find new audiences with tremendous potential to grow your business even further.

Reaching Your Audience

Once you’ve fully assessed the data and the audience planning process is complete, Telmar’s media planning options can simplify the process of evaluating and selecting media and channels.  Reach and frequency estimations are calculated immediately as you enter media, making it easier than ever to approximate results and gauge potential success as you develop and shape your strategy.

Audience Targeting. Simplified.

Let Telmar’s proprietary software and technology guide you through mountains of valuable data towards greater understanding and improved, informed decision-making.



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