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Telmar’s media experts and software developers have been creating the future of media planning since 1968. Our team focuses on providing new solutions for new media environments, traditional, social or the next media.

Whether you want to work in Beijing, New York City, Paris or one of our other global locations, you will have the opportunity to work with the media industry from a 360⁰ perspective, raise and answer important questions, and create software solutions that even make the folks at Google applaud! (true story).

Whether you love working with software, media, survey data, information technology, or are motivated by the satisfaction of solving client problems, Telmar provides an exciting place to put your skills into the marketplace, and fast. As the face of media changes, so do the needs of our 10,000 worldwide clients. New media research problems surface daily, and require new software. Join our team and help us meet the challenges that a changing media landscape presents.

Do you want 360⁰ experience? We don’t call it a job, we call it living the future.

Currently available positions:

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"Telmar continues to be a trusted and reputable partner for MediaCom US. They consistently deliver a high level of service and responsiveness. Telmar's continued focus on innovation and efforts to improve their value proposition to us make them an invaluable resource."

Ray Shynn

Head of Insights, MediaCom US

Telmar Audience Effects℠

Introducing Telmar Audience Effects Total Audience-Media Planning Software. Audience Effects is the ad industry’s latest and most advanced combined traditional/digital total audience-media planning software.

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