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Join a team that’s looking to improve the media sector for the better.
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Accounts Receivable/Credit Control Accountant Johannesburg
Senior IT Support & Infrastructure Specialist New York
New York
Account Development Manager New York
New York

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We offer competitive benefits such as unlimited holiday, family friendly policies and global mobility.

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Learn to spread your wings. Want to try out different roles? Your knowledge makes us all stronger.

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Push-up challenges, photo competitions, and virtual oreo eating contests make work more fun, competitive, and dynamic.

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We encourage feedback from anyone on how we can make us better.

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A flexible work schedule allows you to work where you need, when you need.

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We value people as individuals with diverse opinions, cultures, lifestyles, and circumstances.

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“With the recent implementation of progressive policies which encourage a flexible way of working, Telmar has become an even better place of work that understands and cares about its employees’ holistic well-being."
Nyathela Mhlongo Senior Associate, Customer Success
"Telmar has a really good mature working environment without micromanagement (which helps) bring the best out of you."
Hardik Doshi Salesforce Developer
"Working with Telmar is all about integrity and trust. Telmar is the chosen metric in many countries. We are the gold standard. You want to be with a team of people that people trust in the industry, and our software and our engines are something to be very proud of!"
Jennifer Daniel VP of Strategic Partnerships, South Africa
"There's no better feeling in a job than knowing that you're making a real difference in shaping the future and digital anthropology does exactly that."
Sian Dunn User Researcher

Join a team that's looking to revolutionize the media sector for the better.

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