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media research

What to Do with Media Research

Once media research has been compiled, the data can be sorted and analyzed to help organizations better understand their audience. Telmar offers an array of tools to understand the data at hand and make more informed business decisions. The tools we use are all backed by media research and media planning credentials.

Our tools allow users to analyze media and consumer research to assess audience reach, frequency performance, the best target markets, and media performance. These products offer capabilities such as audience targeting, data integration, crosstabbing, integrated media planning, and more for a substantially improved return on investment.

Telmar Media Solutions:

  • Survey Data Analysis (Crosstabbing, Segmentation)
  • Media Planning Solutions (Radio, Print, Internet, TV, and Outdoor)
  • Customized Analytic APIs
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • All Media Optimization
  • All Technology Platforms
  • PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone technologies.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Solutions
  • Data Integration Tools
  • Big Data & Cloud Based


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"Telmar continues to be a trusted and reputable partner for MediaCom US. They consistently deliver a high level of service and responsiveness. Telmar's continued focus on innovation and efforts to improve their value proposition to us make them an invaluable resource."

Ray Shynn

Head of Insights, MediaCom US

Telmar OOH (Out of Home)

Announcing the release of our new Out Of Home for the US market using the latest Geopath data.

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