Data Visualization Software

Data is only useful when it can be understood.

Data illustration breathes life into seemingly lifeless numbers and is the most effective way to present your results and findings.  By creating graphics through data visualization software, you can paint a picture and tell a story in a manner that’s easily understood by your associates or clients.

The Power of Data Visualization

data visualization software

Ever tried to explain the significance of a particular statistic’s fluctuations to a group of people and been met with glazed looks and blank expressions?  It’s easy to be overwhelmed by an array of seemingly meaningless numbers arranged haphazardly throughout a table.  Fortunately, data visualizations can act as the cure for the common research display. 

These graphics can easily provide much-needed context to numeric results, creating visual representations that are much more accessible than a complex table or crosstab.  Visualizations can also quickly answer questions and suggest conclusions without the need for an in-depth analysis or a lengthy study of a column of numbers.

Choosing the Right Data Visualization Software

Data visualizations make it easy to compare values, determine correlation, and identify the most influential factors across a study.  By utilizing data visualization software such as Telmar’s Autografix, you can easily generate charts and graphs that enable you to share the insights of your analyses with anyone.


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