Data Visualization Tool

Finding any meaning within a lengthy research study full of numbers is tough – that’s why the predecessors of the first data visualization tool were created back in the 2nd century AD.  Utilizing data visualization to create graphics can save time, wasted energy, and money by allowing you to glean insights with just a glance.

Visualizing Data with Autografix

The benefits of using a data visualization tool such as Telmar’s Autografix, an add-on to SurveyTime, are limitless.  This push-button solution allows you to:

  • Make inferences based on visible trends
  • Produce beautiful reports
  • Easily share reports with live data
  • Incorporate your brand’s style

data visualization tool

Its dynamic dashboards grant you the ability to share insights and results for reviews or market updates.  When presenting reports to clients or associates, it’s important that the data looks pretty and also clearly communicates its meaning – employing best practices for data visualization never goes out of style.

If you’re sending these reports to others, you can export them to familiar file formats such as PDF or PowerPoint for maximum accessibility.  When exporting to PowerPoint, you can even use your own templates to reflect your brand’s unique style. 

Data visualization graphics are the best way to communicate results or findings to others – even those who may not be familiar with the studies and statistics you’ve drawn from.  By effectively summarizing substantial amounts of research along with the trends and correlations they reveal, your team will be better equipped to make informed decisions.

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