Demographic Audience Analysis

Demographic Audience Analysis for Media Planning

Results from a demographic audience analysis can allow a media planner to identify simple demographics such as age, gender, or geographic location and, as a result, can help them to define their target market.  Demographic audience analysis helps media professionals identify key consumers and integrate this data with software to develop dialed-in media plans that are narrowly targeted.

demographic audience analysis

Cluster Analysis for Complex Demographic Analysis

There are other demographics which might not be as easy to define as age or location – for example, advertisers might be looking to target audiences who are interested in health or who have identified as early adopters. To do this, media professionals can use cluster analysis segmentation to group people into similar attitudinal or behavioral types.

Cluster analysis segmentation software allows advertisers to segment a particular population into a number of distinct groups, each with its own set of attitudes, behavior patters, and media preferences.  This allows users to segment group respondents together so they are as similar as possible within a group but as different as possible among other groups.  Typical segmentations include lifestyle or psychographics, but it’s also possible to cluster using any desired variable as long as scaled data is used. 

Enjoy the ability to narrowly target a distinct audience without wastage.

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