Marketing Research Tools

marketing research tools

Assessing the current state of your industry can be tough, but the right marketing research tools can enable you to effectively link your brand to the consumer.  Once you’ve identified your audience, you can then target them via a number of different media channels with startling accuracy. 

Before you embark on this journey, make sure that your goals are clearly defined and that you’ve outlined the questions you need this process to answer.  For example: Are there new markets for your product that you haven’t yet discovered?  Who buys from you?

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Have you identified the group you’re trying to reach with your message?  How much do you know about them?  Have you considered other groups as well – audiences you may never even have considered trying to reach?  With Telmar’s Audience Effects℠, you’ll be capable of easily analyzing the following types of variables:

  • demographic
  • attitudinal
  • product usage
  • digital behavior

Equipped with these facts, your creative department will be better able to develop highly-targeted and specific advertising to deliver to these groups.

Do You Have the Right Marketing Research Tools to Find Your Audience?

  • Distill down variables to those that are most pertinent to your brand goals
  • Apply predictive analytics to recommend audience segments with the most potential
  • Discover the media combinations that will best engage your target audience
  • Calculate reach and frequency based on time spent with media across traditional and digital platforms
  • Use behavioral digital media targeting to evaluate multimedia campaign performance

By utilizing Audience Effects as your primary resource for strategic media delivery as well as data analysis tools such as SurveyTime, you’ll be able to pinpoint hidden markets and deliver powerful, narrowly-targeted messages to your specified audience.

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