2019: April 8th

Monday, April 08, 2019

What are industry standards for local tv weekly reach and/or grp weight for a branding campaign that does not have a pulse in the marketplace? I\’m accustomed to 125-150 weekly grps or 75%+ reach but nothing to back it up.

The Media Guru Answers (Monday, April 08, 2019)

The Guru does not find any widely held standards. Every agency or planner has their own standards for given situations. In situations such as you describe, a minimum of 70 reach at an average frequency of 4 is not an uncommon goal. Some set goals around an effective frequency level.  But this can all depend upon levels being used by the competition, whether there are other media in the plan, what the goals of the other media are (is promotion, enhancing branding, promotional, etc.) Examine your goals closely.