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Enhance Your Advertising with a Media Planner Tool for Multi-Media

media plannerToday’s media landscape requires that a media planner utilize robust tools to create comprehensive media strategies. Creating a successful media plan means finding the appropriate media platform and determining where, when, and how often an advertisement is placed.

To do this, media planners often rely on several tools to help determine the right audience, the right time, and the right reach. At Telmar, we created a “one-stop shop” media planner program for cross-media communications planning.

The Media360 with Optimization Media Planner

Our media planner program was designed and developed in conjunction with our media agency planners and media owner clients to include everything required for successful media planning. It allows our clients to easily create media strategies using single source multi-media surveys or integrated media surveys such as EMS and Touchpoints.

Our media planner can also be used where industry multi-media or integrated surveys are not available with our own data integration methodology, MultiBasing. This allows media planners to combine the results of multiple surveys.

Benefits of our Media Planner Program

Our Media360 with Optimization software offers clients a number of benefits, including:

  • Instantaneous reach and frequency calculations
  • Ability to change targets and media selection with the touch of a button
  • Input a frequency cap by website
  • Simplicity of use

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