Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning

The best way to ensure effective ad buys is to create a detailed, thoroughly-researched media plan.  To conduct useful research, a successful media planner needs two things:

  1. Quality data
  2. Media planning tools

Telmar’s media planning software allows you to analyze both syndicated and proprietary data to discover the answers to the following questions:

Who is your target market?

Telmar’s Audience Effects can optimize your audience targeting and planning process by allowing you to uncover hidden markets and expand the reach of your brand.

What’s the best way to reach your target market?

Analyze overall reach and frequency or drill down by individual media channels with Media360, which is capable of calculating these results instantaneously.

media planning & buying

Media Buying

Developing the right ads and determining the proper placements is meaningless without an efficient, effective media buying strategy – and the reverse is also true.  It can be a hassle to negotiate the pricing and placing of your brand’s advertising, but oftentimes, an agency can work to procure reasonable rates where it makes the most sense for your brand to advertise.

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Telmar Audience Effects℠

Introducing Telmar Audience Effects Total Audience-Media Planning Software. Audience Effects is the ad industry’s latest and most advanced combined traditional/digital total audience-media planning software.

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