Media Planning Software

Optimize Your Efforts with Media Planning Software from Telmar


Media planning software allows you to:

reach frequency media planning software

View reach and frequency estimations as you enter media

target audience media planning software

Evaluate individual media components against your target audience(s)

cross channel media planning software

Predict the success of cross-channel combinations


Benefits of Media Planning Software

Media planning professionals are frequently required to navigate multiple media databases to glean insights in order to create winning ideas and campaigns. This is no easy feat, especially if the process is stuck within a static spreadsheet that can cause problems such as:

  • wasted time
  • calculation errors
  • lost data
  • inefficient workflow and analysis
  • missed opportunities

Media planning software provides a seamless planning and reporting environment for advertisers and agencies alike by streamlining spending, integrating with their marketing platforms, and optimizing results.


Software for Media Planning

Telmar’s SurveyTime allows planners to analyze syndicated, proprietary, or integrated data sources of any size. Media planners can re-weight integrated media studies on the fly for dynamic analysis. What’s more, they can get up to speed on all of it in an afternoon. Because it’s a true cloud-based solution, SurveyTime requires no installation or in-house IT support; it updates automatically, so planners are always targeting in real-time. 

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