Media Planning Tools

Media Planning Tools that Save Time and Money

media planning tools

Telmar’s suite of media planning tools offer the insights you need to plan and buy media more effectively and efficiently, saving both time and money.  Telmar’s proprietary software has the unique ability to compile big data from syndicated research sources and transform it into a format that’s easily digestible for anyone – from the most seasoned media veteran to beginners searching for insights.

Who Is Your Target Market?

That’s the million dollar question.  Before you begin strategizing, Telmar’s Audience Effects can not only organize and present market information simply and effectively, it also has the ability to draw its own conclusions and present them clearly and transparently.  Telmar’s targeting solutions possess the unique ability to inform creative decision-making by offering customized insights.

How Can Telmar’s Media Planning Tools Help You Reach Your Target Market?

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s time to formulate a strategy to get in front of them.  Leverage the insights you’ve gleaned from your audience analysis in order to pinpoint the right forms of media to reach your markets.  Autografix can generate powerful visualizations from massive quantities of data, giving you an overview of results and market updates.

You’ll be able to analyze reach and frequency overall or for individual media elements with instant calculations from Media360.  You’ll be able to assess how different media platforms stack up against others, perform a spend analysis, and begin mapping out your schedule and budgets.  You’ll have a 360° view of the market, all your options, and how each form of media performs with your target market.

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