Media Targeting

media targeting

More than 25,000 users across 100 countries can’t be wrong.  Telmar’s suite of media targeting software offers you the ability to not only pinpoint your target audience, but also the ability to reach them effectively.  By using Telmar’s proprietary programs, media professionals are equipped with the ability to construct substantial plans without having to play a guessing game.


Cross media communications planning has never been easier.  Analyze the reach and frequency for each individual form of media or get a comprehensive overview of your entire plan.  Media360 also offers the ability to obtain reach and frequency calculations as well as alter targets and media choices.


SurveyTime offers access to more than 8,000 syndicated databases and also grants you the ability to glean insights from proprietary databases.  Reviewing data is easy as you toggle between crosstab, coding, and graphing screens, and you’ll easily be able to export the results of your analysis as well.

RFT Analyzer

Put time-spent surveys to work for you and eliminate the need for time-consuming processes like TV diary-keeping and thumbing through magazines.

TV & Radio Planning

Utilizing the Nielsen Cume Study, you’ll gain access to ranking, reach and frequency, and optimization data when you’re trying to map out your TV and radio spots. 

Outdoor Media Planning

Telmar’s TOPS OOH system utilizes TAB OOH ratings, granting you the ability to plan by GRPs, panels, and reach objectives.

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