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Media360 Media Planner for Multi-Media

This program is a “one-stop shop” for cross-media communications planning, providing reach and frequency for each media component and the entire plan. It allows our clients to create media strategies using single source multi-media surveys or integrated national and international industry currency media surveys e.g. EMS, PAX, and Touchpoints.

Where industry multi-media or integrated surveys are not available, Telmar has its own data integration methodology (called MultiBasing). MultiBasing is a modeling based technique designed to intelligently integrate or combine the results of multiple surveys, for example, to make better use of media currencies to reach a bespoke product or brand target group defined in a consumer survey. A CHAID-driven profile matching routine uses demographic, behavioral or attitudinal variables to make initial cross-survey estimates. A second set of calculations then makes use of media behavior surrogates to aid targeting to niche media audiences.


The program was designed and developed in response to feedback from our media agency planners and media owner clients.

Within its many features, Telmar’s Media 360™ program provides:

    • The ability to plan different media, using the established industry currencies within an easy to learn program e.g. Digital, press, and TV.
    • The ability to input a frequency cap by website.
    • The ability to input specific targeted impressions as a medium for analysis alongside traditional media buys (addressable media).
    • Instantaneous reach and frequency calculations carried out as the user inputs media.
    • When product or brand targets are used and for media e.g. TV, which is priced by specific demographics, the user can also input costs for the buying targets.
    • With certain media e.g. TV, media owners rate cards are based on broad demographics. However, your actual planning target may be different e.g. upmarket men who drink Talisker Malt Whisky. You can’t buy that audience but you can buy upmarket men.  GRP’s/spots/inserts and costs can be input for the buying target and then the R&F can be converted to the actual planning target, so you can see how many upmarket male Talisker drinkers you are reaching with the buying target inputs.
    • You can change targets and media selection at the touch of a button.
    • Simple to use – Jargon-free.
    • The program has functionality that allows clients to see the reach and frequency for combinations of media types (channels) or combinations of individual media e.g. media owned by a specific media owner.
    • With probability surveys, there is functionality (called Tuxedo) which allows users to create a target from those not covered or those not covered frequently enough.
    • When planning different media, appropriate intelligent terms and labeling have been pre-defined to aid understanding and save time and energy.
    • The program can display exclusive reach by individual media or media group.
    • Effective delivery results e.g. frequency range 3 to 5 can be displayed.
    • Multiple schedule layouts for comparison purposes.
    • In certain modes, there is a “what if” facility that shows which media will add more reach (or if removed which will affect the schedule least).
    • Also, where there is audience accumulation data available, there is a TimePlan module within MediaPlanner+. This is used for time-critical campaigns, in order to ensure that the desired coverage and frequency is achieved within the campaign period with summary outputs of the week by week delivery.
    • Export to Excel and PowerPoint.
    • Full Graphics.

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