Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertising
Planning outdoor advertising may seem difficult at first but with the right marketing tools, media professionals can get complete site level and market average analysis for informed placement decisions.

Simple and built for today’s planning needs

  • Cloud-based, work anywhere
  • Browser-based, no additional plugins needed (i.e. Citrix)
  • Mobile Ready, use on a phone or tablet, from anywhere
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate

Intuitive out of home planning solution

  • No training needed to create a plan
  • Create multiple plans in one session
  • Easily search and identify target audiences
  • Define the reporting format specific to the need (WYSIWYG)
  • Automatically exports only the data items in the reporting view making it easy to get the exact data needed

Market summary planning (agency)

  • Quickly filter across out of home elements to establish market delivery parameters
  • Planners can quickly enter desired TRP levels across selected media and operators
  • Planners no longer waste time “building” market-level analysis

Inventory planning (operators)

  • Search by named Geopath spot IDs, or paste in a list of spot IDs
  • Sort inventory by Target Composition Index
  • Easily provide a competitive analysis to drive sales

Cost calculations and mapping – coming soon!

  • Calculate CPM/CPP on the fly with your own custom cost fields (Note: possible that we will work with SQAD for OOH costs)
  • Display the campaign spots and the direction each frame faces with Google maps
  • View the frames at their location with Google Street View

Telmar clients can also combine operators and formats and then review the results instantaneously to get the best results for a campaign. Best of all, like all Telmar products this outdoor advertising solution is extremely easy to use.

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Head of Insights, MediaCom US

Telmar OOH (Out of Home)

Announcing the release of our new Out Of Home for the US market using the latest Geopath data.

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