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Post Campaign Planning Gets a Boost in South Africa

September 3, 2020

Telmar South Africa’s newest reporting tool helps you create bespoke post-campaign reports easily and quickly.

Create great reports, faster

South Africa’s newest tool, Transmit’s Post-Campaign Software (PCA) has intuitive click-and-drag functionality and on-the-fly tabbing to help you analyse your post-campaign results in an easy to read report format.

Export layouts seamlessly

The newest addition to the Transmit Suite, allows users to spend less time setting up layouts and quickly export reports for insertion into dashboards, presentations or trackers. These templates can be easily shared with other team members to seamlessly synchronise layouts across teams.

Easy trending and SuperBrands

Rapidly assess period-on-period trends for category reviews and competitor strategies and with enhanced “SuperBrand” capabilities combine various levels of data – from flighting codes, to brands, to advertisers and sub-categories.

“I have been using Transmit’s new television post-campaign software which is intuitive and flexible. It allows for easy customisation and report generation.”

Group Data Manager

“The new PCA has opened up so many possibilities as well as creating customized reports which saves you a lot of time. As this software is still new to us users, there is still so much to learn and only the tip of the iceberg has been touched. For me as the end user, I love the reporting options. I still need to learn the in’s and out’s of setting up the report exactly what you need, from creating superbrands, but there is so many hidden gems that makes your life so much easier and faster.”

Implementation Planner