Reach and Frequency

reach and frequency

Media professionals rely on reach & frequency metrics to develop their media strategy and ensure they select the appropriate media sites and channels to reach their audience. Reach refers to the total number of different people or households exposed to the ad, and frequency indicates how many times the ad will be shown. In order for reach metrics to have meaning, they need to be associated with a period of time.

Understanding reach and frequency as well as being able to calculate it can help marketers make smarter business decisions. These days, professionals can learn where their audience is and whether it’s most effective to show the message to 100 people just once, or 25 people 4 times.

Reach and Frequency and Time

To further improve reach and frequency, Telmar recently launched its RFT Analyzer℠ (reach, frequency, and time). This tool extends reach and frequency capability for media professionals to custom and emerging markets that lack the data that traditional processes require to calculate reach and frequency. Now marketers can analyze across media channels using only time-spent surveys, which means they no longer have to use long and expensive process such as TV diary keeping, searching through magazines, and online behavioral tracking.

This empowers media professionals, as they can now go beyond gross channel planning while providing nuance to identify how to best reach their audience. Marketers are able to conduct fast reach and frequency analyses to create better-performing campaigns. Telmar clients can run these analyses for brands and media alike to identify natural relationships for co-marketing and sponsorship.

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