Reach and Frequency Planning

What is the importance of reach and frequency planning?

reach and frequency planning

Using a reach and frequency analyzer based on time-spent surveys allows media planners to extend reach and frequency capability to custom and emerging market situations. Understanding reach and frequency and being able to calculate it can help marketers make smarter business decisions.

Reach and frequency planning is vital, considering that one of the biggest waste of marketing dollars is a promotional activity that is carried out without adequate frequency. Marketers that are able to conduct fast reach and frequency analysis to create better-performing campaigns.

Reach and Frequency Planning Software from Telmar

RFT Analyzer℠

This new tool from Telmar extends reach and frequency capability for media professionals to custom and emerging markets that lack the data that traditional processes require to calculate reach and frequency. Now marketers can analyze across media channels using only time-spent surveys, which means they no longer have to use a long and expensive process such as TV diary keeping, searching through magazines, and online behavioral tracking.


Media Planner for Multi-Media

This program is a “one-stop shop” for cross-media communications planning, providing reach and frequency for each media component and the entire plan. This software allows for instantaneous reach and frequency calculations carried out as the user inputs media.


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