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Build the best Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign plan

Build the best standard or optimized Out-of-Home (outdoor advertising) plans with Telmar’s OOH reach and frequency solution.
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Perform multi-market analysis in less time
Te Ooh Icon Deliver Better Options For Clients
Deliver better options for clients no matter how different their objectives are
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Build powerful mapping and data visualization plans

Improve results

Get actionable insights that enable you to build OOH plans faster and easier

Telmar OOH empowers agency professionals to achieve a higher ROAS through the ability to better assess and select outdoor inventory that delivers more impact.
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''(Telmar's) customer / client service is second-to-none and I have always found them to be happy to assist, with a friendly approach and above all an efficient service.''

Faster Results

Uncover the Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign insights you need, faster

Functionality such as multi-market analysis, fast spot selection search, inventory counts, and mapping are all designed to help you get the information and answers you need, quickly.
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Accurate Results

Perform advanced competitive operator comparisons to help select the best sites

Telmar OOH enables agency professionals to quickly identify desired TRP (target rating point) levels across selected media and operators.
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Effective Campaigns

Deliver better outdoor advertising results for all your clients

Telmar OOH better positions your team to maximize campaign effectiveness. You can quickly establish market delivery parameters by filtering across key Out-of-Home metrics and enter desired TRP levels across selected media and operators.
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Invest in your data to inform your decision-making

40% “Few brands can afford to waste media dollars. But the truth is, yours probably does. According to multiple studies, about 40% of all media spend is wasted.”

Learn how to get more value from your data with these Telmar resources

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Maximize the return on your advertising investment

Increase your competitive advantage and create opportunities for brand growth with a practical investment in advanced statistical solutions from Telmar.

Increase effectiveness across a range of marketing activities

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Out-of-Home (OOH)
Broadcast Inventory Optimization (Adloc)