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Apply multiple market, schedule, and target options with Telmar’s Video solution

Effectively measure video performance and create optimal video plans that include optimizations, multi-market, multi-schedule, and multi-target options.
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Te Video Icon Optimize Spot Market Plans
Optimize spot market plans and buys
Te Video Icon Calculate Reach And Frequency
Calculate reach and frequency objectives across multiple regional and national stations
Te Video Icon Track Market By Market Delivery
Track market-by-market delivery performance of Network TV, Cable, and Digital TV

Flexible Scheduling

Plan video campaigns with greater precision

Telmar’s Video solution gives you advanced choice and flexibility. You can schedule against single or multiple demos and custom select stations. You can also optimize based on budget, reach, frequency and a number of other criteria or metrics.
Te Video Plan Televison Campaigns
''Telmar is a fabulous company to work with, they are innovative in their approach and always open to new ideas.''

Simple to Use

Optimize your plans based on reach and frequency

Telmar’s TV optimization, and reach and frequency planning solutions use industry TV panels to produce spot market plans and buys.
Te Video Optimize Your Buys Based On Reach

Customized Outputs

Strike the right balance of control and flexibility

Telmar’s Video solution provides ratings for a number of important planning parameters as well as station level reach and frequency data on any schedule so that you can deliver the best video plan.
Te Video Strike The Right Balance Of Control

Accurate Planning

Increase advertising effectiveness in specific markets

Developed with the input of our clients to meet specific needs, Telmar’s Video solution facilitates comprehensive television and print allocation.
Te Video Increase Advertsing Effectiveness

Specific to South Africa

Manage precise campaigns in the South African market

Telmar offers specialized solutions for the South African market. Planning, scheduling, optimization, plus reach and frequency analysis, can all be done within this customized video solution.
Te Video Manage Precise Campaigns In South Africa

Connected TV viewership is growing

44% “44% of consumers used CTV devices more during the pandemic.”

Learn how to get more value from your data with these

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Telmar Insights and Eastlan Ratings Data Overview
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Supercharge your advertising campaigns

Deliver on advertising’s classic formula for success

Go beyond simple demographics to a deeper audience understanding to create your successful Video campaign.

Increase effectiveness across a range of marketing activities

Media Planning
Out-of-Home (OOH)
Broadcast Inventory Optimization (Adloc)