Survey Data Analysis

Identify and Target the Right Audience

In order for media professionals to ensure that they’re targeting and reaching their key audiences, they need to be able to quickly and easily analyze the survey data that’s available to them.  Telmar’s survey data analysis tools offer users the ability to sort, analyze, and visualize their media data.  Once the data has been sifted through, the findings can be used to ensure that the correct audiences are being targeted and reached.

Survey Data Analysis with SurveyTime

Telmar’s premier survey data analysis software, SurveyTime, offers syndicated study data from 8,000 databases around the world and is available in multiple languages.  Additionally, users or their clients can upload their own proprietary data and analyze it using Telmar’s software.  Users can create data visualizations for a quick overview or toggle between cross tab, coding, and graphing screens.

Additional benefits include:

survey data analysis

  • Simple to use
  • Ability to search all data simultaneously
  • Easily create graphic visualizations of data
  • Access the tool via web browser, smart phone or tablet
  • View trend studies over time

Survey Data Analysis with the Statistical Suite

Telmar’s Statistical Suite gives users the ability to perform Correspondence, Factor, and Cluster analyses to uncover hidden connections by segmenting answers from surveys based on intricate variables.  Segment based on behavioral or attitudinal factors, or identify key differentiators within the members of a target market.


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