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Telmar’s passion for research development in Africa

September 23, 2021


Most developed countries have access to well established and well funded media research.  This, however, is not the case for Africa.  Poor infrastructure, high research costs, and the lack of Joint Industry Committees (JICs) all play a major role in producing robust media research that can be used with confidence by brands and media agencies across Africa.

The Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO), has been in existence for over 20 years and actively works towards creating a uniform and evolving research infrastructure in Africa.  This entails exchanging knowledge, learning from each country’s successes and failures, and striving towards the highest quality research methodologies with the ultimate goal of eventually building a continental research database.

This is an ambitious goal for a non-profit organization and it survives and thrives purely based on its sponsors. 

This has led to a number of partnerships being formed most significantly, the partnership between Telmar and PAMRO.

Telmar has been passionately committed to research development on the continent and has been part of PAMRO for more than 20 years working together with the organization to drive advertising growth across Africa.

In addition to sponsoring PAMRO, Telmar also have a participatory role on the Board since 1999 with Jennifer Daniel, VP of Telmar’s Strategic Partnerships, also the Executive Director of PAMRO, having served as President of PAMRO and having been awarded the Achiever Award for continually promoting and working towards the goals of this non profit organisation.

Every year, PAMRO hosts a conference with many African and international speakers, with topics ranging from cutting-edge research methods, cross-media measurement and digital evolution, to name a few.

In 2020, the conference attracted more than 700 virtual delegates.  

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