Transform your Data Into Intelligent Insights

With proprietary algorithms and unique data science, Telmar™ delivers the very best in media and data insights combined with unprecedented hands-on service across the globe.


Access more than 8,000 databases from leading research data providers around the world. Integrate your proprietary data using cost-effective and easy-to-use integration and visualization tools.


Discover hidden insights by mining and segregating thousands of variables to identify new recommended audiences faster than ever before.


Optimize overall plan delivery metrics against omnichannel audience segments using our cloud-based software that can predict the success of combinations of media campaigns.

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Our Platform

As an innovative leader in media planning and targeting, Telmar provides integrated and seamless solutions that deliver better insights, faster.


Access a comprehensive array of analytic
tools on Telmar’s optimized digital interface,
designed for faster, more intelligent
media planning.

Data Integration
and Modeling

Input and analyze personalized survey data using programs like Telmar’s proprietary CrossTab to help identify new audiences and lucrative market opportunities.

Multimedia Planning
and Evaluation

Explore an expansive selection of analysis, evaluation, and planning systems to build
and evaluate prospective
advertising campaigns.


Examine data using custom programs like Telmar’s statistical suite, which features advanced cluster, correspondence,
and factor analysis tools.

Media Audience

Generate comprehensive media plans with reach and frequency estimates for any medium, including TV, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, social media, mobile,
and out of home.

API and Web

Empower customized web applications with the capabilities of Telmar’s software engines by sending requests for data tabulation and receiving vital results for application reports.

Measure audiences
not platforms

Learn how data integration can provide fresh perspectives and campaign strategies that differentiate audiences more effectively.

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