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Transform your marketing, advertising and media planning results

If you work in marketing, advertising or media planning you know what it’s like. You are constantly under pressure to create high performing campaigns and maximize ROI.
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Gather deeper audience insights, faster

With the right strategies and tools, you can combine all your data into a single resource that allows you to uncover precise and hidden audiences – in seconds. From there, you can identify optimal audience segments for each client and campaign and match those segments to just the right media channels.
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Insights for marketers

Supercharge your ad campaigns

With the right strategies and tools, data you already have can be used to enhance audience understanding, improve decision making and create more sophisticated segmentation strategies. But, the truth is most brands don’t have the tools they need to do this.
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Statistics for agency professionals

Move the needle for clients by tapping into useful data insights

In a time when agency professionals have access to more valuable data than ever before, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming unless you have a strategy for finding the one insight that will make an ordinary campaign great.
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Attract bigger audiences

Attract more advertisers by helping them understand your audience

Broadcasters and media sales houses are lucky to have access to user-level behavior data. Make more use of your data with effective and integrated media planning solutions.
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Achieve next-level results for your campaigns

Maximize the data you have by using Telmar's range of innovative insights and planning solutions.

Learn how to get more value from your data with these Telmar resources

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Better data leads to better results

58% Businesses that rely on data management tools to make decisions are 58% more likely to beat their revenue goals than non-data driven companies.

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“With the recent implementation of progressive policies which encourage a flexible way of working, Telmar has become an even better place of work that understands and cares about its employees’ holistic well-being."
Nyathela Mhlongo Senior Associate, Customer Success
"Telmar has a really good mature working environment without micromanagement (which helps) bring the best out of you."
Hardik Doshi Salesforce Developer
"Working with Telmar is all about integrity and trust. Telmar is the chosen metric in many countries. We are the gold standard. You want to be with a team of people that people trust in the industry, and our software and our engines are something to be very proud of!"
Jennifer Daniel VP of Strategic Partnerships, South Africa
"There's no better feeling in a job than knowing that you're making a real difference in shaping the future and digital anthropology does exactly that."
Sian Dunn User Researcher