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Achieve greater ROI by going beyond conventional insights

In an era where media channels proliferate and data sources converge, the need to deliver compelling campaign results has never been more critical. Telmar solutions provide a range of easy-to-use statistical approaches that produce actionable results.
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Te Statistics Icon Unlock More Meaningful Insights
Unlock more meaningful insights through advanced audience segmentation
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Discover unique profiles by uncovering hidden patterns
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Develop focused business opportunities by exploring complex data relationships


Identify high value audience segments quickly

Telmar solutions enable you to unlock audience insights and increase targeting accuracy through binary, attitudinal, and behavioral inputs. Now you can build refined segments based on key data patterns and use automated visuals to help interpret large data sets quickly.
Te Statistics Achieve Greater Roi
''Telmar are adept at providing us with effective survey and analytical tools, with strong customer service backup and development ideas.''


Apply advanced statistical techniques

Achieve a greater understanding of how variables relate and influence one another by diving deeper into your data sets. Telmar solutions allow you to optimize data segments with binary or attitudinal data to more easily identify valuable thematic drivers.
Te Statistics Indentify Meaningful Audience Segements


Generate smarter reports and more informative visuals

Simplify statistical analysis tasks and create data-rich presentations that feature both active and passive data points when relevant. The built-in ranking functionality helps you identify critical variables more quickly, and gain deeper insights into your brand’s positioning.
Te Statistics Run Cmpaigns That Maximize Return

Invest in your data to inform your decision-making

40% “Few brands can afford to waste media dollars. But the truth is, yours probably does. According to multiple studies, about 40% of all media spend is wasted.”

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Maximize the return on your advertising investment

Increase your competitive advantage and create opportunities for brand growth with Telmar’s advanced statistical solutions.

Increase effectiveness across a range of marketing activities

Media Planning
Out-of-Home (OOH)
Broadcast Inventory Optimization (Adloc)