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Leverage broadcast inventory optimization for audio and video campaigns with Telmar's Adloc

Save time, maximize revenue, and automatically allocate video or audio spots without manual intervention with Telmar’s powerful broadcast inventory optimization.
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Te Bio Icon Improve Delivery Of Client Tv Radio
Improve delivery of client TV/Radio objectives and constraints
Te Bio Icon Increase Productivity And Meeting
Increase productivity and meet objectives through total automation
Te Bio Icon Boost Advertiser And Agency
Boost advertiser and agency satisfaction through improved results

Strategic Revenue Generation

Increase broadcaster revenue

Telmar’s inventory optimizer enables you to deliver maximum campaign results with minimal allocation of space. This, in turn, enables broadcasters and sales houses to utilize the resulting inventory to generate up to 30% more revenue while still adhering to their clients’ buying objectives and constraints.
Te Bio Increase Broadcaster Revenue
''It’s a logical program so you can follow your instinct in many situations. The data loads really quickly, switching studies is easy to do.''

Efficient Productivity

Increase productivity through automation

Telmar’s inventory optimizer can allocate thousands of spots across hundreds of TV channels to a degree of both precision and increased value that cannot be replicated through manual allocation.
Te Bio Increase Productivity

Effective Campaigns

Improve delivery of client TV/Radio objectives and constraints

Have total control over the ability to prioritize airtime allocation by client and ensure that high value clients are allocated a higher percentage of the most powerful audience breaks.
Te Bio Improve Delivery Of Client Tv Radio


Optimize spot allocation through advanced automation

Arbitrate airtime to continue to meet other clients key objectives by intelligently balancing airtime between all agency partners – ensuring that one client brief is not prioritized over another.
Te Bio Optimize Spot Allocation Through Advanced Automation

Tap the growing CTV trend with better data

225% “US CTV ad spending will increase from $8.11 billion in 2020 to $18.29 billion in 2024.”

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See how broadcasters maximize TV and Radio campaign objectives

Discover how to increase revenue and optimize airtime with Telmar’s optimization engine. Learn more today.

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