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Simplify complex multi-market audio campaigns with Telmar’s Audio solution

Achieve more accurate targeting by defining the best audience from the start of each campaign. Maximize reach and frequency across both traditional and streaming audio platforms.
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Facilitate Easier Comparisons With Key Data At Your Fingertips Icon
Facilitate easier comparisons with key data at your fingertips
Measure And Optimize Your Total Audio Campaign Icon
Measure and optimize your total audio campaign with multi-market results
Gain A Holistic View Of Roi Icon
Gain a holistic view of ROI


Accelerate the return on your audio investments

Monitor the effectiveness of your total audio campaigns with total market campaign results.
Te Audio Accelerate The Return On Your Audio
''(Telmar solutions) make our client work a lot more efficient as our teams only need to be trained up on one platform.''

Accurate Targeting

Define your target markets clearly and accurately

Improve targeting accuracy through comprehensive demographic filters. Store and load your target markets automatically to save time setting up each campaign and minimize wastage through detailed age group definition.
Te Audio Define Your Target Markets Clearly

Strategize your Plans

Roll out more effective campaign plans

Compare multiple scenarios simultaneously to create more impactful plans. Achieve advanced optimization with the ability to set objectives based on budget, reach, and frequency.
Te Audio Roll Out More Effective Campaign Plans

Refine your Audience

Access the precise data you want, when you need it

Easily select your top stations by format (genres), networks, audience size or alphabetical order. Telmar solutions allow you to achieve quick insights into the most valuable targets and dayparts.
Te Audio Access The Precise Data You Want

Get more out of your data

45% “Only 45% of marketers surveyed operate with a unified marketing data strategy in place.”

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Uncover key insights about your target audiences

Plan successful media campaigns using Telmar’s cross-media planning and analytics tools. See how.

Increase effectiveness across a range of marketing activities

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