Data Integration Tools

When you have an overwhelming amount of data from multiple sources, you often fail to see the forest for the trees.  Blending this data, which is often presented in different formats and programs, can prove to be a challenge without the proper data integration tools at your fingertips.

Common Integration Issues

  • Legacy databases in outdated formats aren’t compatible with current file types 
  • Data is corrupt or lacking in quality
  • The time and cost to manually transfer and input data can be extremely prohibitive

Software for Data Integration

data integration software

With the right data integration software, extracting and combining information from multiple sources becomes simplified.  With Telmar’s unique MultiBasing program, you’ll have the ability to immediately integrate results from a number of surveys for an elevated view of your brand’s cross-media performance.

Telmar’s real-time data integration technology allows you to:

  • Upload proprietary surveys to crosstab against industry media currency surveys
  • Integrate new audience data without having to create a separate fused database by ‘linking’ new data into the existing dataset
  • Utilize CHAID analysis to determine the most relevant linkage variables for your target market
  • Use audience segmentation surveys with media currency surveys
  • Analyze complex data from multiple sources without software training

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