Audience Analysis

Performing a proper audience analysis can yield a number of positive outcomes for any organization – after all, being able to glean insights from your target market can maximize the impact of any marketing or advertising campaign while keeping costs to a minimum.

Goals of an Audience Analysis

An effective analysis of your audience should answer the following basic questions at the very least:

  • Which segment of the population commonly suffers from the problems that your product or solution addresses?
  • What do the individual members of that segment have in common?
    • Demographics
    • Psychographics
    • Geographics

Benefits of Audience Analysis

A thorough, comprehensive audience analysis is essential to any campaign and can ultimately decide its success.  Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Improved ROI. Knowing which segment(s) of the population would benefit the most from your product or solution can help your team optimize the users most likely to purchase.
  • Decreased risk.  Related to the previous point, knowing who to target can help to minimize the overall cost of and resources allocated to the campaign.
  • Better reach. Segmentation enables improved planning and messaging as well as retention.

Telmar’s Audience Analysis Tools

audience analysis

Telmar’s Audience Effects℠ program enables you to drill down into a population and identify the segments that present the most potential profit for your campaign.  This software even offers the ability to predict how certain buying combinations might perform.

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