Media Plan

Developing a Media Plan

When creating a media plan, advertising professionals typically need to create a comprehensive plan that includes creating goals for the plan and then evaluating the possible media placements such as digital, TV or outdoor. Once the appropriate channels have been decided the media planner will have to decide on the budget and frequency of the ads. Once the media plan has been developed it can then be launched and optimized.

Media Planning Tools

media plan

There are a lot of tools available to professionals who want to develop a media plan. With targeted media planning tools users can easily integrate survey data to gain a better understanding of the targeted audience allowing for better media decisions.

Media 360 is one tool that can help media planners create robust media strategies. The program is designed as a “one stop shop” that offers users that ability to see reach and frequency for different combinations of media channels or combinations of individual media, use probability surveys to create targets from this not covered to those not covered frequently enough and easily display exclusive reach by individual media or the whole media group.

Clients can utilize Telmar’s media planning tools to generate reach and frequency results and see how different plans deliver to various targeted audiences.

Optimizing a Media Plan

Once a media plan has been developed, the work is not done. Media planners can also optimize campaigns to ensure the ideal plan has been selected. Telmar offers solutions for simultaneously running optimizations to find the ideal plan and optimizations can be used as a planning starting point or when media planners need to generate actual schedules for the campaign.


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